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Very good

I hesitated to buy it, considering the price of the Mac+iPad apps, but finally its worth it. Works well so far!

Best Customer Support Ever

I knew the iPhone version of this app, which is truly amazing. All my collection is now organized and synchronized; everything done with the most easily tools, such as the bar scanner. Besides, it provides a online profile, so you can show your friends all your collection. And this so waited Mac version has a nice integration with Facebook and Twitter. Even Brazilian titles were found! And those titles which were not found could be easily added, using my own pictures for the covers. A particular note must be said about the support. It is IMMEDIATE. You ask a question, they reply; you add a title, it is included on the next day; you have a problem, they do everything to help you. Very nice app. Bought it without thinking twice.

Best data software for movies

For more than 20 years I have organized my movies data in different ways… Excel - Apple finder (my way) and so on. In just a few days of use, I feel comfortable enough to rate the software as EXCELENT. No further observations as per what is missing in the software. Congratulations for the developers.


Super Programm 1 A ,bin Total Begeistert vor allem von der Verleih Funktion :)


The program is reaaly great at first. But when I tried synchronizing with the server months later it was rife with problems and took a ridiculously long time. I would recommend something that saves the information on your hard drive.

Do Not Buy this App

I strongly advise NOT buying this product. There are so many problems with it that its hard to know where to begin. First off, there is no user manual, just some random FAQ and troubleshooting notes. Second, there is no way to organise the data base so you can access the part you want. Its all or nothing. Third there is no way to add group so if you have a library with multiple titles, you are stuck flipping through the lot in order to find what you want. Fourth, the mac version is not supported in any serious way. There is no way even to wipe the data base, make corrections or otherwise use the program efficiently. This is a Windows product on which they have done minimal work to put a Mac version on the market. Use it at your risk and be aware that there is no way to restructure, rearrange or otherwise fine tune the database. This is a particular problem because it is virtually impossible to imput the data correctly in the first place. If you use the online system, you are stuck with the result. You cannot wipe it out and start again. This is a seriously useless product. They should be paying YOU to try it in order to find out how to make it functional. But instead, you must pay, only to find out that the product is unusable. Highly dissatisfied. A waste of time and money.

Very handy

Great and very useful little app. Has saved me from purchasing the same titles several times.


today sept 29, I cannot open my application on my iMac …keeps crashing…

great little app

Oct. 19 / 15 updated to El Capitan on MacBook Pro - still working great - great little app - have this and iphone / ipad version - keeps the whole family’s collections, several hundred movies, organized - great for not buying duplicate presents - I’m from the abacus age and have no problem setting filters and groups - only had issues once - simply re-installed - pretty good database - easy to edit descriptions - quick response to add new titles when you advise them you found one - just wish they a comparable app for my book library

For amateurs only

For a few entries (50<x<300) is it good. Many bugs: 1. Server connection gets lost when you try to add more than 300 entries at one time 2. Database is not up to minute, many foreign movies which are listed in IMDB cannot be found 3. After you created an entry for a movie you cannot change its origin 4. Sporadically it crashes 5. To find a solution they wish you to send them your whole database :)

SYnc lost

in the new version it crashes with sync there is a problem so shold be fix

Nice App and IOS companion

This is a nicely laid out app that provides full info for most movies automagically. It has multiple cloud synch options for IOS and web access. 4 stars only because I’ve been waiting for the 2.0 version for full functionality. (Guys - if you need to make a non-App Store version like many vendors these days, that is fine by me. I will buy it.) Update 6/17/16 - So now I’ve owned the app for over a year and still no 2.0 version to bring it up to parity with the Windows and IOS versions. This despite promises of upcoming upgrade on website. Dropping rating to three stars.

Maybe great but a little clunky, not intuitive and very time-consuming

Been using the app on my iPhone and ipads for several years. I really love the app and how it is to search. It is the best I have seen and used. So maybe I just dont know how to use it properly and I’m open to learning. Here’s my dilema….. My son started scanning my collection and ran out of juice after 1891 titles leaving about 8,500 to go. I now add movies as I get them so keep current on physical discs. I havent been doing this with my digital collection in iTunes which runs around another 2500 titles. I love the idea of having ALL in the program but cannot figure out how to do it. I have a text file for the 8500+ physical discs and one for the 2500+ iTunes ones and see NO way to import them and get a full library. It surely can’t be one at a time can it…? The iPhone and iPad versions agree on the number in the collection but the Mac version says I have ~100 more in my collection. Probably a filter or something I’m not doing right but after several hours I give up for today.

Love the App; Time for Some Themes

I’ve been using My Movies on my iPhone and iPad for quite some time. I love the application on all devices. I’m hoping that My Movies Pro for Mac gains the themes that are currently available on the iOS devices soon. I do highly recommend this catologing application!

good to BAD app

This use to be a good app now they took away the seen or not seen option. i tried to import my collection from "Movie Collector" but it cant find it and the "My Movies Pro" website doesnt have information on how to do so. The only thing good about this update is you can now change the names of the groups. Im thinking about going back to "Movie Collector".


I have a large movie collection and have had often wondered if I already had a certain copy. Now with this program I can keep track of which movie I have. I can even lend them to people and keep track of who has them.

Best that I have used.

I have tried several of the other big names in movie cataloging software. My Movies has the best all around features for me. Very stable with my large collection. It has an iPad app as well and the two stay perfectly in sync with each other. My Movies catalog had all but two titles in my collection and the ones they did not have I was able to contribute to the database. One thing I would like to see added is better support for TV show episode data. I would highly recommend this app.

Love it

I have a large movie collection and keeping track of it used to be difficult, with this app, i can rest easier knowing that I can track when friends borrow movies. I enjoy being able to break down the different search capabilities. Ive recommended this to many of my friends and highly recommend it to you.

my Movies Pro

Ive liked this kind of application ever since I started collecting videos. This is much easier to use than previous versions (from other authors and sources), because about 95% of the time, the app finds the title and version first try by holding up the UPC to the built-in face-time camera. The main I think that I would like improved is in the manual inputs (suggested minimum entries, like parental rating, length, etc.). I would also like some improvement in the sorting : I.e. I chose sort by Parental Rating, and the first result didnt make any sense, though after a couple of other sorts and then going back to parental rating, it finally seemed to work properly… oh, and by the way -- I would like some consistency in results in parental rating even being there when adding via UPC -- I have seen a significant number of titles with neither a rating nor note that it was unrated, pending, or anything at all...

Extremely difficult to use, buggy and of little value

I purchased the Pro version to use with Serviio so that I could edit movie meta data for better control over content organization. Serviio doesnt seem to be able to read the meta data for the latest version of MyMovies; so, basically, its a complicated list of the movies you have. After it scanned my collection, I could not for the life of me figure out how to correct misidentified movies. For example, the recent kids movie Hop was labled as a european release - thats fine, but try and change it to a different version with same title. I was unable to even create an account to to edit on-line - when I tried to create my account, it stated that my e-mail was already in use. When I accessed the send me my password function, it stated that no such e-mail was in the system. And on, and on, and on… Oh, yeah… and if you Personalize your meta data, the iOS app doesnt reflect the changes - you have to send an e-mail to the kids in Deutschland so they can correct meta data entries for you, manually. Finally, if you skim the on-line support forum, you will read unbelieveably arrogant answers to basic questions from other users (like the problems above). Really… Dont even think about clicking on that buy button.

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